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Women at War

Denouncing the Suppression of Powerful Women There is an article zipping around my social media faster than wildfire in a dry hedge. Called, “Behold Your Queen: The Real Conflict in Captain Marvel,” the author starts the article with the following: ” The most recent Marvel thriller, Captain Marvel, cannot be accused of hiding its uniform. In the… Continue reading Women at War


Star Wars Celebration: Cosplay Prep Guide

Star Wars​ Celebration Chicago is quickly approaching. It’s just one month away! To help you prep for the best week of your cosplay career, here are some helpful tips to help you along the way! This post may contain affiliate links. For more on that, check here. 1) Monitor your hydration With only one month between… Continue reading Star Wars Celebration: Cosplay Prep Guide

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6 Books for Successful Christian #BossBabes

More and more in this social age, women are looking for the perfect balance of raising their families, saving money, and earning income, all while hoping for the miraculous schedule of time managed by yourself. Wow! It’s no wonder that there are so many books on self-improvement, time management, and character building. And while those… Continue reading 6 Books for Successful Christian #BossBabes

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An Indie Palette You’ll go WILD For!

You may not have heard of Menagerie Cosmetics yet, but believe me, you will be seeing more of them! Founded in October 2018, this independent beauty company makes all of their products in house, and proceeds from certain products goes to support the Animal Welfare Institute. This Washington based company is of course cruelty free… Continue reading An Indie Palette You’ll go WILD For!