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Seven Items to Help You Have a Better Period

Whew. In my general menstruating experience, periods suck. To be fair, I have extra issues to deal with than your monthly bloat, moodiness, and general crummy feeling. I have endometriosis and PCOS, both of which take your period from being an unwelcome house guest to being GODZILLA DESTROYING TOKYO.

About a two years ago, I even had surgery to alleviate some of my uterus blues. So when I say I’ve tried it, I mean it.

Thankfully, while many of the “surefire” tricks have been nothing more than gimmicks, some have actually helped. And by that I mean improved my ability to deal with debilitating cramps, bloating, pain, or alleviated a period associated annoyance entirely. So, without further ado, here are my favorite seven items and three bonus items to help manage your period.

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TriggerPoint Massage Gun

Leak proof Bambody Period Panties

Sunbeam Washable Heating Pad

The Period Repair Manual

Pure Enrichment TENS Unit

Blackout Sleep Headphones

Waterproof ipad/tablet case and 2-in1 Bath Caddy (while you’re there, get yourself a nice pair of shatterproof wine glasses and some webcam covers. (You don’t want glass shards happening from a soapy hand, and Big Brother knows too much already; they don’t need to know how many freckles God gave me.)

If you don’t have any of these, you may want to try them! I can’t offer medical advice, but I can tell you that they help me great. My period panties are serious all-stars. Nothing like the comfort of wearing underwear while staying protected, or combining them with other protection methods to ensure zero leakage on heavy days. It gives me peace of mind to sleep soundly.

My trigger massage gun I use multiple times a week, EVERY week. My husband uses it, too. Anytime anyone at my house complains of a sore neck or back, I whip this baby out and impress them. It really feels great and works to relieve tension. (It’s also great for post exercise release.)

My TENS unit is a champ. I’m really surprised how long those batteries last AND how effective it is. It’s really powerful for an at home TENS. Seriously, don’t put it too high or you’ll give yourself the twitches of the century. A BONUS item I’ve come to love is a belt attachment. The one I have isn’t being made anymore, but this is almost the exact same thing. It makes it so much easier to apply to when you’re by yourself!

And the washable heating pad? That thing has been going strong for TEN. YEARS. Granted, it’s just now starting to get a liiiiiiittle too hot with it’s age. Poor thing is losing it’s mind. (As in, suddenly painful heat.) But it’s has been used and abused for ten years. It needs to retire.

And I will replace it with the exact same thing.

There you have it! My favorite items that I use on the reg to improve my period. What works for you? Tell me in the comments!

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