Rig & Peripherals

Here’s what I’m currently using:

Cable management is work in progress, but my set up is effective and comfortable!

PC : CyberPower Gamer Master Gaming PC in white (gorgeous LED fans because I like pretty colors)

Mic: Blue Yeti USB mic

Main Camera: I’m using my Canon EOS 60D, but they don’t make that anymore. Back in ye olden days, I paid a whopping $800 for it. But now their rebel series cameras can do what mine does and more, so YAY! Savings for you! Here’s the best equivalent for what I use mine for: Canon Rebel T100

Rear camera: Until I learned how to hook up my DSLR as my webcam (which is a week ago as of this writing) I used my trusty Logitech C920. If you’re looking for a first webcam, this is more than sufficient. In fact, unless you plan on using a DSLR for shooting photos on the reg (and are comfortable with the idea of taking apart a portion of your stream set up every time to do so) then this camera will be all you need for a very long time. With the right lighting (which is inexpensive nowadays) your picture will be beautifully clear.

Lighting: I use a USB ring light and put my lens through it to illuminate my face. This ring light was really inexpensive and does exactly what I need it to. Any light in the background is just whatever was around the house!

Main monitor: I LOVE my LG widescreen monitor. It’s a 34″ beauty, has a fantastic refresh rate and very accurate color rendering, which is really important to me as an artist.

Upper monitors: So, the upper monitors aren’t even monitors. They’re old 32″ TVs that I had lying around! They aren’t ideal, but I don’t really use them for anything other than chat or OBS, so it’s a perfect solution for me.

Monitor mount: Because I was using heavier TVs instead of monitors, I really wanted something secure. This wall anchored monitor mount is great! It’s super stable and has built in cable management, which always makes everything just look more professional.